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Four Exhausting Days - Philip Kapitaniuk

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Hello everyone,

Monday 4/19/10 Update:

More about Heidi and the volcanic ashes...

It has been four exhausting days for us, constantly wavering between hopeful news and not so hopeful news...

We listened to the medias all day long, trying to guess what country will first open up to air traffic and whether the others will follow quickly... :-(

We heard Sunday about the Germans and the Dutch claiming that "the European skies are perfectly safe" : this brought a beautiful ray of hope... :-)

We called today all the SWISS Air numbers we could get a hold of : Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Chicago... Not one soul anywhere to pick up the phone and answer our one question : is Heidi's flight for tonight still on?... :-(

United Airlines told us today that if Swiss Air doesn't fly tonight, they will reschedule Heidi's flight for their earliest date possible, that is a week from today ! :-(

But the French Consulate in Chicago guarantied to us a return for Heidi to France before the end of the week... :-)

It has indeed been an exhausting 4 days...

Wesley seems to take it ok, Laura is a different story... Lots of tears... LOTS of questions : "Why... Why does God do something like this... What is God's purpose in having such a volcano spit ashes like it did?"

Beautiful opportunities to talk with them about the God you believe in, the one God you learn all your life long to put your trust in, whatever happens! :-)

Then, an hour ago, I finally received the type of SMS you long to receive more often, the kind that brings huge smiles on everyone's faces, a confirmation that soon, very soon, the one you love will once again be close to you... :-) It read : " I think it is going. No one at the desk yet but people say it is going." Then, 2mn ago :"Checked in and enjoying coffee" !!! :-)

So, the Lord willing, Heidi should be in one of the very first planes to fly again from Chicago en route for Zurich, Switzerland ! Zurich Airport is closed to air traffic until tomorrow morning 8:00... Heidi should be landing there at 11:00. Once there, she might be stuck for a while if air traffic is not reopened to the Netherlands. We hope she'll be able to find a plane to take her to Amsterdam, Paris, or Brussels... but Zurich is already a lot closer than Chicago !!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and kind words of encouragements...

It has been indeed 4 days to grow, for all of us...

Tired but Happy Philip ;-)
(time to go to bed...)

Update 4/20/10, 10 pm GMT +0200

Subject: Home...

Hello everyone!

Just a quick not to confirm that Heidi made it home just about an hour ago... :-)

I drove to Amsterdam (8 hours round trip because of bad traffic) to bring back home the precious cargo...

As you can imagine, everyone at home was ecstatic !!

Thanks again to everyone for your concern, your support, your prayers...

Relieved and thankful Philip :-)

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