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  North Outside Windows Replacement - Completed!


Assessing the needs

BLF-Europe Publishing Center in Marpent, France, had an URGENT NEED.  Many of the 13 exterior shop windows on the north side were smashed during the summer of 2012 by kids in the streets. The insurance policy did not cover such damage. Worse than that, the window frames were at least 40 years old and in pretty bad shape.

• Every time there was a heavy rain, water poured inside the shop where books are stored.
• When winter was approaching, serious heat loss made the energy bill significantly higher.

Project description

In 2004, these windows were already a concern. A team repainted the frames to extend their life as much as possible. But the windows were also broken, we had to replace all of them.

Budget:  $14,550

As of September, 2013, the project has been completed. Praise the Lord! The pictures below are the new windows.

New Windows with Staff
New Windows on North Side with Staff

Bird's eye view of new windows
Bird's eye view

Bird's eye view of new windows
Bird's eye view

The aisle closest to new windows
The aisle closest to new windows

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