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French Authors Project

French Author Project

Assessing the needs:

BLF wants to keep it a priority to develop French authors and maintain their books at a low price. The need for books written by French authors is great, especially for evangelistic material, but accompanying them is a long process. Most always, the cost of this investment is never recouped by the sales.

Project description:

Every year, BLF Europe wants to publish and promote, at the very least, two books by French authors. The cost includes the 6-month process of coaching before the book is released, the printing of the book, and some marketing that will help promote it.

Planned Feature Author:

Daniel Coronès: Daniel was born in Marseille, France. During his teenage years, he started dealing and consuming drugs. Violence was a daily reality. But at the age of 30, through the friendship of a local pastor, he became a Christian. He is now a full-time evangelist. Thanks to his book published by BLF, his ministry has significantly grown, and he is regularly invited to preach and to speak at conferences.

Budget: $14,1000

Other French authors published by BLF:

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