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Missionary Service: Host Couples

Are you and your spouse looking for a unique way to serve the Lord in another culture?

BLF needs host couples to care for and minister to the 4-5 Impression Teams that go to France each year. Each team’s 10-day mission experience includes working at BLF’s publishing plant and participating in church planting ministries under France Pour Christ.

During the time in France, team members are accommodated in a guest house facility about 15 minutes’ drive from the shop. Please review photos of the IT Facilities

Radette Dinner Example 1. What will we do?
Prepare meals
Clean and make preparations before and after each team
Purchase groceries and household items
Maintain housing facility
Help where needed between teams

2. How can we minister?
Love the people you will meet!
Encourage team members during their stay
Provide a calm, pleasant home atmosphere
Provide a listening ear, as they share their many new experiences
Direct team members’ attention toward God and His plan for their mission experience.
Promote BLF, encouraging continuing involvement in its ministry.

3. What will be our time commitment?
Hosting teams can range from 2-5 months, as your availability allows.

4. Will we do any sight seeing?
Yes! You are free to do sight seeing as authorized by BLF local administration. You may also tour with teams, schedule and logistics permitting.

5. How much does it cost?
Host couples are required to cover the cost of their transportation, housing, health insurance, and food when teams aren't there.. Call the BLF US office for current costs, as exchange rates are subject to change.

Host Interaction 6. Are there any other special considerations?
Yes, this is a special opportunity for you to show Christ’s love to team members from all parts of North America. This will work best if you have a close walk with the Lord and a strong relationship with your spouse. There is also the possibility that you may be sharing your home with a short-term apprentice or two.

7. When can we go?
Teams run April through July. Please check with the US office to fit your availability with the need.

8. What are the long-term possibilities?
Present BLF in your church
Consider being a BLF representative in your area.
Consider financially supporting BLF

For more information or if you have any questions regarding this form of ministry, please contact BLF. Thank you!

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