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Team Testimony: Ron and Sharee McMahon

Ron and Sharee McMahon
Ron and Sharee McMahon
Ustick Baptist Church, Boise, Idaho
Westside Bible Church, Meridian, Idaho
May 13-24, 2010

Our team was privileged to serve with BLF in France. This is our 8th year with BLF and each time we are in awe at the ways that the Lord uses us and how blessed we are to be a part of His work.

Our ministry projects were three-fold:

1.We worked at the Kapitaniuk's farm preparing the barn and grounds for the upcoming young adult retreat. We then got to visit the farm while the retreat was in session and see the fruit of our labors.

2.We worked in the BLF print shop preparing a new book and attaching stickers to thousands of Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis books. We were excited to go to a bookstore in Lille, France and actually see these two books for sale!

3.In 2009 we had worked with the France for Christ missionaries in Lille to prepare an old building for outreach to the 95,000 university students there. We got to return to Lille for a day and see the finished product. The missionaries there were conducting surveys in the streets of the downtown area and then inviting people to come to the ministry center, known as the FEU. It was a bustling place with many visitors and we were thrilled to see the fruit of our 2009 team's labors.

Because France is less than one percent Christian, it is not often that we see spiritual fruit and this time we were able to see the Lord at work three times in one week. Praise the Lord! Also, one of our team members, Marie, is a native French speaker. She taught our team to sing "Glorify Thy Name" in French, and we sang it for two groups of missionaries. We could not have done it without Marie's excellent coaching and lots of practice during our morning devotion time at the apartment in Feignies.

If you are considering a mission trip, please contact BLF and ask for our phone number. We will gladly give you more details on our experience. You will be blessed more than you can ever imagine.

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