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Teams Testimony: Debbi Eggleston

Debbi EgglestonWhen the Robison's and Ryerson's went to France last month to help the Eggleston's at the Bibles and Literature in French Mission ~ they planned on working. But being there only 2 weeks, what could they do? Well here is a partial list along with a BIG THANK YOU:

    Totally clean up yard

    Cleaned up a huge shed on back of property & filled a huge dumpster to be hauled away.

    Tiled 4 walls in new bathroom

    Put paneling on walls in bathroom

    Laid a tile floor in bathroom

    Painted walls in 3rd floor rooms

    Installed closets in 3rd floor rooms

    Installed flooring in 1 upstairs room

    Installed paneling in master bedroom

    Installed flooring in master bedroom

    Painted dining room

    Put texture on walls in dining room and living room

    Stained woodwork in dining room and painted living room

    Unplugged sink in kitchen

    Hauled all materials to 2nd and 3 story

    Installed crown molding in master bedroom

    Painted door, taped and mudded drywall on 3rd floor

    Installed drywall in closet on 2nd floor

    Taped and mudded the closet

    Moved heavy furniture from here to there and back

Debbi Eggleston
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