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Kathy Brugioni (Team Testimony)

Kathy BrugioniNew Life Church
Pleasant Hill, IA
Oct. 8-19, 2009
Team Leader: Kayla King

As I began the process of preparing and planning for a mission trip to France, I had to explore my own faith in God supplying the funds. God was faithful and showed me that He will supply, and that France is a field worth the visit. I just needed to step out in faith and watch the Lord work.

One of the best things I took away from the trip, besides the faith building in trusting God to supply the need, was the need for workers to bring and share the gospel of Christ to the people of France. As we had the opportunity to spend time not only at the print shop but with missionaries, we felt and saw the need for more workers in the field. The missionaries were all just wonderful, and excited to show us their burden to win France for Christ. The time spent at those sites was invaluable.

I came away with a desire to return, and bring others with me … soon I pray. Our hosts were absolutely wonderful, from Kevin driving us everywhere and Debbi feeding us wonderful meals and keeping the flat so nice. Kevin and Debbi love the teams that come, and you see it in the little ways they took care of us. The flat was comfortable and safe, with a park close by for walks, and the three bakeries close by, which we loved going to each morning for baguettes.

I would with all my heart recommend to anyone seeking the Lord about going to France to go. This is a trip that is worth the cost in time and money. We need to share with our churches here in the US the great need to spread the gospel in France.

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