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 2012 - Erin Fosselman (Team Testimony)

Erin Fosselman
Sumner, Iowa
July 2012 BLF Impressions Team

Erin Fosselman

During the third day of our trip to France, the weather got really warm. Our team was assigned to hand out tracts in the Saint Avold community, a city with more than 57,000 residents. Our team covered the city in three of the hottest days this summer. After the second day of walking up and down the steep and curving hills, we were beginning to feel tired and overheated. On Friday, our hosts, Christophe and Evelyn, arranged for us to tour the American War Memorial in Lorraine. During the hour-long tour, we learned in great detail the sacrifices made by some of the men and women buried there. Later that afternoon we went back to our routes and handed out the tracts with a new zeal. This week was, in truth, about the ultimate sacrifice given by Jesus. We went to France knowing our mission, but left with so much more knowledge about His mission and message. Through our few hours, we handed out nearly 4,200 tracts.

This experience was in so many ways life-changing. Each time we met someone new, we received a warm smile and bisous. If there is one thing about the French one should know before visiting, it’s that they are a very affectionate group of people. They are also kind and gracious – and many of them are lost.

Our team loved our trip to France. We completed tasks both large and small, from placing price labels on books to caulking windows, from placing flyers in envelopes to delivering tracts with God’s messages in them. This trip was both humbling and invigorating for each of our eight team members, and if we could, each of us would return on a trip with BLF in a heartbeat.

Our teams members were:

Steve and Barb Grabill-Sumner, IA

Marilyn Hoepfner- Sumner, IA

Luke and Erin Fosselman-Boone, IA

Marlys Heller-Sumner, IA

Cheyenne Heller-Kansas City, MO

Shelly Grabill-Princeton, IL

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