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2011 Don and Jane Lee (Team Testimony)

Don and Jane Lee
St. Matthews United Methodist Church
Belleville, Illinois
May 2011 BLF Impressions Team

Don and I were members of the May 2011 Impressions Team that traveled to France for ten days. My husband and I felt the call of the Lord to harvest the people in need. We didn’t know what to expect but we wanted to help in any way we could to spread the Word. Our assigned tasks were laborious but we quickly learned that the French folks love to work for the Lord. The BLF French staff always had a smile on their face and never complained. We organized warehouses, cleaned barn lofts for a young adult youth retreat, and stuffed informational envelopes to be dispersed to people in the neighborhoods.

The end results were much more than we expected. The literature in the warehouses went to people seeking the Word of God, the youth retreat was strengthening their faith and the information materials would reach the hands of thousands of unbelievers. We not only saw immediate results in our work but our labors of love would eventually become fruitful. We felt the Lord was with us the entire time encouraging us to show love and appreciation to those working with us. We realized that through our work thousands would receive the Word. Thank you to our team leaders, Russ and Mary Ann Miller, for their love and support. What a glorious experience!

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