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Impressions Team Guest House

Front OutsideThe upper level of this church, situated in the quaint little French town of Feignies, is home to the Impressions Team members for the duration of their stay in France.

...a four-bedroom apartment located above the Feignies church, and only a 15-minute drive from the publishing house.

(Feignies is pronounced: fee-nee)

Come on upstairs for a tour...

At the top of the stairs we have the kitchen.

From the kitchen we have this view of the 'living' area.
Living Area View #1

A view from the coffee corner shows the 3 doorways of the bedrooms. Bedroom 1, left,Bedroom 2, center, Bedroom 3 right doorway. Bedroom 4 is opposite #3 (not visible)
Living Area View #2

The view from bedroom 3 toward the living area.
Living Area View #3

Bedroom 1 has 2 single beds.
Bedroom Number One

Bedroom 2 has 2 single beds.
Bedroom Number Two

Bedroom 3 has a double bed.
Bedroom Number Three

Bedroom 4 has 3 single beds.
Bedroom Number Four with Three Beds

The main bathroom is just down the hall from the kitchen.
Main Bathroom

Just beyond the bathroom is the balcony.

Beautiful accomodations for all the Impressions Team Members!.

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