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Battle with Cancer

Alain StampA book regarding a woman's courageous fight with cancer was recently printed at BLF's print shop in France. "My Battle with Cancer" (Mon cancer, entre combats et découvertes) by Agnès Baroncini has already been reprinted. This challenging book has been much appreciated, and has given the author opportunities to conduct two evangelistic conferences in regards to the material covered in her book.

At a Christian friend¹s home during my vacation, I was privileged to see a friend of theirs (with cancer) accept a copy of the book. This subject affects 1 in 3 French people.

Alain Stamp

Manga brings tears...

Just a quick note about the Manga Bible we gave our friend Gilbert. We had dinner last night (Wed) with Gilbert and Annie, who live in a lower apartment. They had a friend down for a visit recently, and we were invited down to talk and eat.

He told us that he still has the Manga Bible, and just puts it out on his coffee table, but doesn't offer it or push it, just wants to see how people react to it.

He told us about the friend who asked him about the Manga Bible, and Gilbert explained what it was. A night or two later, the friend couldn't sleep, so he got up and read the entire book. Gilbert told us that his friend was crying while he was reading it. I don't know what will happen with his friend, but I am amazed to see what God is doing with this book.

I'll send more stories as I get them. Sorry I don't have anymore details, but this should be a blessing to you all. Thanks, and take care.


The Lord works masterfully...

It was 2:00 p.m. when I entered D’s room. She had been hospitalized for almost two months because her cancer had worsened. I had on my heart to explain clearly to her what Jesus had done for her. Several times we had had opportunities to speak about my faith, and she had come to several evangelistic meetings organized by my church, but she had never had revealed what she herself believed.

D was so weak that I decided to allow her to rest and to return an hour later. When I returned, she was just as weak as before. I stayed close by without speaking, just holding her hand. Her best friend arrived, and we left the room to talk. She told me D was at the end of her life and that the nurses suggested someone should stay with her through the night, as she could possibly die quickly. Elisabeth wasn’t able to stay as she had to take care of her children. And so I offered to stay. The idea of her dying alone in a hospital room was unbearable.

Then suddenly I remembered my promise to BLF to reread the manuscript “I Find Life Really Difficult…” by Fatima, and give them my corrections on Monday. I went home to get the book, returning about 7:00 and settled myself to watch over D while correcting the book. I wondered at the same time how to explain the gospel to her clearly, so she could determine her position before dying. In my reading, I came to chapter 4: “Does God exist?”... then to chapter 5: “Death.” That was just what I needed! The fall, death, redemption, the love of God, all was very well explained, clearly, simply and biblically. I explained to D that I was in the process of correcting a book before it was printed and suggested I read some excerpts. Too weak to speak, but still lucid, she agreed by nodding. The entire time I read, she nodded her approval.

She passed away quietly about 2:00 a.m. I went home, sad, but with the feeling of an assignment accomplished, filled with wonder at our Lord who concludes everything masterfully.

Sandrine, FPC

Editor: To read more about this book by Fatima, click here. To order a copy (in French) visit our store.


Traveling Artist Reads Manga Bible

 Just before Christmas, we met “G”. He lives on the road and has no permanent home, having traveled through Europe and India. We had a long conversation about spirituality, religion, and the Manga Bible. Although he has a strong spirituality, and is very interested in religion, Christianity is not one of his favorites.

We discovered that he’s an artist, and that he and I had a common interest in comic books and cartoons. I had a copy of the French Manga Bible “Le Messie” (Messiah) which I gave him. I received an email from him yesterday saying he had read the Manga Bible, and we’ve been dialoging about it.

Please pray the seeds we’ve watered will germinate under the care of the Holy Spirit and bear real spiritual fruit in his life.


Editor: See ‘Le Messie’ here.

U Tube films Christian Puppets in Dunkirk

As you know, the² Loupiottes² performed at Jean Bart¹s Place recently, and guess what?

The team from U Tube was present that day to make a report on the city of Dunkirk. Somewhat by coincidence, they filmed a piece of the performance and it was just then that the message of the love, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus was announced. Thank you, Lord!!

There has not been one critic of this video!! Put on line yesterday, the video has already been viewed 50 times!!

I¹m giving you the link and await your reactions for those who want it.

Laure, for the Loupiottes

I, Too, Want to Believe

Yesterday afternoon a man came into our bookstore in Onésime by accident. He was looking for the fortune teller at #42, but came into #24 instead. After a good discussion on how to find peace, he left the bookstore with Anzenberger¹s new book I, Too, Want to Believe, deciding not to go to thefortune teller after all. Please pray for this man, that he will find peace in Jesus Christ.

Renate L.


Francoise’s Search for Meaning

Our bookstore window is along the town’s main street, connecting the town center to a residential neighborhood, where many stop at the display window to read the book titles. Francoise (45) entered the store one morning last year on her way to work. "My life is empty and sad”, she said. “I don't have much desire to live, although I have all that should make me be happy. Do you have a book that would motivate me and give my life meaning? I don't have much time." I prayed, "Lord, guide me to the book which will help her to know You and find meaning for her life." I looked in the evangelism section and found what I needed. "Here’s a book 'In Quest of Meaning and of Truth.' If, after you’ve read it, you’d like to go deeper into the subject, we are always here to serve you."

Francoise actually returned several days later. "I read the book, but now I have some questions. Are you sure all that it says about God, Jesus and the new life is true? How can one live this spirituality? I don't even know how to pray." I suggested she buy a Bible and also read the book "Believe: Seven Proofs." After each chapter are questions for reflection and growth. Slowly she worked through the book. She read, she asked questions, she wanted to understand. Three weeks later she came back to the store and said, "I have read the entire New Testament. How should I continue?” She found a church, she took discipleship courses, she made a decision for Jesus and now she witnesses in her family.

Marie-Helen’s Difficult Decision

For many years Marie-Helen passed our store regularly. Her life was difficult. She lived with a husband who wasn't very pleasant, causing her to be depressed. She looked for answers in the occcult and New Age teaching. In the store, she looked at books, Bibles, chatted a bit and went on her way saying, "I feel good in here." Weeks passed. She never bought anything, and talked very little, so we continued praying for her.

One day she began telling us about her life. She was converted at the age of 30, but after a period of being happy as a Christian, worries and family issues overran her everyday life and she no longer felt fulfilled, while her husband and children wanted nothing to do with her faith in Jesus. She thought if she separated from her husband, all would go better. She told us, "I would be able to attend church and be with Christians more freely. I would be able to get involved in a ministry to serve Jesus. I would no longer have to put up with of my husband's swearing and my children's ridicule."

"Would you like to read this book before making a decision?", we asked, suggesting the book "My Marriage is a Failure".

"I really would like to, but I don't have much money, my husband doesn't want me to waste it." Seeing the title and the price, however, she decided to buy it. Several days later, she returned, "I believe I should rethink my life, especially my Christian life. I had forgotten God's love for me. I only saw my need for love and the impossibility of living my life fully." She left with a new book for deepening her relationship with God "The Love Language of God".

Marie-Helen has now reopened communication with her husband, and although he still doesn't want to know Jesus Christ personally, he comes to the bookstore with her from time to time, looks at the titles of the books, and discusses with us.

A New Road for Pascaline

Pascaline opened the door of the bookstore. "I saw the name 'Christian Bookstore.' You are my last hope before I commit suicide." She was accompanied by a young man who told us, "I don't know how to help her anymore." Pascaline had participated in levitation, card reading, crystal balls, etc., and told us how she had fallen into satanic circles for entertainment and since then had been pursued by spirits.

What followed that conversation was a long process: she bought a Bible, as well as books that explain horoscopes and the occult. We helped her find a church which has taken responsibility for helping her. Pascaline comes regularly to the store to report on her progress. The road is long, but slowly she is re-establishing her life.

Gisele Finds Rest

Gisele came into the store. "I am so exhausted I can't go on. Don't you have a book that can do me some good?" How about "A Shepherd Meditates on Psalm 23", I asked her. I can give you the series of three books at a good price, if you want to rediscover your Good Shepherd."

Gisele left with all three books. Sunday I saw her at church. "Reading these books has been so helpful!” she said. “I had forgotten what the Good Shepherd means to me." During the service, she got up and testified of her joy in finding Jesus again as her Good Shepherd.

Testimonies from our readers

Dear Alan,

Bruno and I just spent an hour with a professional accountant from Maubeuge. She was very cordial. She left with a book that you might know (Believe, the proof of 7). :-) We¹re making an appointment with her to check out possibilities of out-sourcing the accounting for us. We¹ll keep you posted. It's time to go, have a good evening!


Editor: Philip is BLF Europe Director, Bruno is BLF Europe Administrator, Alain is BLF Europe President & author of: "Believe, the proof of 7"

Proof Of Seven Dear Alain,

Let me speak with you on a personal level. I am 60 years old and I've just joined France Pour Christ in Saint Avold (France) a few months ago. For 35 years I was with the Universal Church of God.

Two weeks ago I read the book "Croire, la preuve par 7" [Believe, the Proof Of 7] and I just finished "Media: what a Œtele¹ vision". A big thank you for these two books, especially the first one. I have rarely seen the kind of simplicity and honesty found in these books.

Now that I am retired, I want to invest my time more locally and it is my desire to give the book "BelieveŠ" to all those that I meet who are suffering or seeking. It is a good place to begin to know Christ and the Gospel.

Thank you again for all your dedication.

My heart is with you, Jean Pierre


We met Fabrice in downtown Liege while we were taking a poll on the street. He agreed for us to visit him. This man, in his 30's, was overwhelmed and we shared his sorrows, his pains and his burdens. We had him read Matthew 11:28-29. Then he said to us, "I believe that the Lord has spoken to me." We gave him the New Testament. We need to return to see him and to do a short Bible study.

Rejean et Pierrette

Testimonies from our readers

A profession of faith

During a door-to-door visit, we met an older couple, very open to listen to the Word of God. After we shared the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ, the man made a profession of faith. His face was radiant. We left them a New Testament so that they can grow in their faith. When we were leaving the house, the wife told us aside, that her husband had only a short time to live. He has brain cancer.

Andre and Gilles

A believer

We were going door to door when we met this man. He showed a lot of interest in the gospel and said he believed in Jesus. We left him a New Testament.

Claudette and Banza


I was touched, while going door to door, by how many people are thirsty to hear about God. Alex made a profession of faith, after we explained the Good News. We left him a New Testament. Afterwards we met two other people who wanted to have the Word of God. We need to visit them again and take New Testaments for them.


France New Testament Geoffroy

Twenty-three year old Geoffroy from Saint-Quentin had been in touch with France Pour Christ missionary, Gilles Georgel, for two years when he began reading the Bible seriously. Without additional outside influence the Lord convicted him. His new birth quickly became apparent, as a thirst for God’s Word took hold of him. As he came to understood the essentials, he began aligning his life according to what he learned, and became involved in a local church. What an encouragement to us all! Thank you for praying for his spiritual protection. He took 8 New Testaments to give to friends - his first steps as a new Christian!

Testimonies from our readers

Proof of Seven Dear Alain,

Just a short note to say how much I’ve appreciated your book, Believe the Proof of 7. What an attractive presentation of the Gospel! While reading it on the train, my fellow-passenger began a discussion which I used as an opportunity to talk to her about Christ.

-M.H., Colmar, France

Jean-Jacques Hermann France

After France Pour Christ (FFC) opened a coffee bar in Douai (northern France), FFC missionary, Andre, went to the local bakery one morning for a baguette. On entering the bakery, he overheard the customers discussing the new Christian coffee bar, wondering if it was a new sect in town. The baker said she had gotten to know these Evangelical Christians and they are really friendly. (She did not know Andre, however.) The baker then asked Andre if he knew the new coffee bar, to which he replied that he knew it very well and, in fact, was the missionary responsible for opening this coffee bar - a bar without alcohol or tobacco. The baker, rather surprised, asked Andre if he knew Mr. Herrmann. “Yes, indeed, he’s one of my co-workers.” “Well”, said the baker, “when I was younger, I attended his youth camp in Maubeuge and still have fond memories of that weekend!” In ‘pioneer work’, the fruit of our labors is often only seen years later...

-Jean-Jacques Herrmann, FFC missionary

Ivory Coast

We're in need of tracts, Bibles and Christian literature in French to help our people here in Cote d'Ivoire, especially those who have re-located due to the war-affected areas of Abidjan.

-A. S., President of TSF

Testimonies from our readers

Alain Stamp France

A local sales rep recently asked me what France Pour Christ is, and what evangelical Protestants believe. He claimed to be Muslim by culture, education, and belief. He asked, Who is Jesus Christ? Can God be in Jesus? And what about the Holy Spirit? What are Christians expecting? Can one believe in the return of Jesus Christ? God is much more than man can imagine. This man is open and intelligent; asking good questions, but has never read the Bible. I gave him a Parole Vivante (New Testament). He was grateful, realizing he needs to read it.

Thank you to all who have given so these Parole Vivante can be distributed freely! -

Alain Stamp, FFC Administrative Director and BLF Europe Board President


We are very grateful to receive your precious gift in which we have found the brochures “Is There a God?” This has greatly encouraged us and we say a thousand times ‘thank you’ in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. These brochures will be a great blessing to our staff and friends who pray daily with you for the blessing of God on the literature.


Togo Togo

Thank you for your great love for us without even knowing us; may the all-powerful God of all grace fill you with a hundredfold of your needs. For God is not unjust to forget your work and the love that you have shown for His name, having rendered and still rendering services to the saints (Heb. 6:10). You have seriously reduced the prices for Africa, may God help us to buy these books for the progress of His work.


Testimonies from our readers

French New Testament France

During the Christmas season, we had a booth in a market, where we distributed copies of Parole Vivante (New Testaments). We gave one to a man whose booth was opposite ours, which began discussions regarding our faith. One copy of Parole Vivante was given to a woman on the last day of the market. She was touched to receive this book, which she had been wanting to read at least once during her lifetime.

My son gave copies of Parole Vivante to four engineering students with whom he than had good discussions. For their own education, they wanted to read the Bible at least once. These students had been deeply shaken following the death of one of their classmates, killed during a group ski outing.

 -G.G., France Pour Christ missionary

Cameroon Pastor Cameroon

I want to thank you for the gift of 1700 tracts that you sent to me for our evangelistic campaign. We used these tracts very carefully for 9 days. In the way of a brief report on our campaign, we had 136 new conversions that we are following up. I would like to solicit your prayer for them and for us.


Cameroon is a bilingual country, both French and English are official languages in the Cameroon

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